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Work Authorization for Those with Children Over Age 21

Client: Jose and Maria Cuellar

Service: Work Authorization


Jose and Maria Cuellar came to the United States on a tourist visa over 20 years ago. They found Youngblood & Associates through a friend and visited the office for a free consultation.

Legal Strategy

After a thorough consultation with Jose and Maria and looking into the details of their specific situation, the team at Youngblood & Associates determined that the Cuellars were eligible for work authorization because they have a child over the age of 21 who is a U.S. citizen. The firm also assisted Jose and Maria in applying for adjustment of status. 


After about eight months, the creativity and hard work of Kara Youngblood and her team resulted in Jose and Maria receiving work authorization and adjustment of status. Obtaining legal status has brought more freedom and opportunities to Jose and Maria’s lives. They say, “There’s no reason not to see what your options are.  Legal status changes lives.  You can be free and go back to your home country to visit friends and family without worry.”


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