For some people, getting to the U.S. isn’t the hardest part of the immigration process, for some, staying in the U.S. is even harder than initially getting here.

Individuals face deportation and removal from the U.S. for a number of different reasons, many of which can be fought, allowing you to stay with your family and friends.

At Youngblood & Associates, PLLC our compassionate, talented and understanding immigration lawyers will work with you to fight the deportation and removal process in any way we can. We represent individuals and families who are involved in the deportation or removal process and have handled cases related to:

  • Bond Hearings
  • DHS Detainers aka ICE Holds
  • Motions to Reopen
  • Motions to Reconsider
  • Motions to Stay Deportation
  • Cancellation of Removal including EOIR-42A and EOIR-42B Applications
  • Applications for Adjustment of status
  • Waivers of Deportability
  • Waivers of Inadmissibility
  • Voluntary Departures In lieu of Removal Orders
  • Requests for Prosecutorial Discretion

Deportation and removal cases may also involve other situations, as a result, the types of cases listed above are not an exhaustive list of the cases we handle, rather, they are examples of a wide variety of situations where hiring an immigration attorney would be a wise choice.

Timing in Deportation and Removal Cases

Timing is extremely important in deportation and removal cases, especially when someone is in custody waiting for a ruling. At Youngblood & Associates, PLLC our experienced immigration attorneys can help you understand the immigration process and will work with you clear up any questions or ambiguities there might be about the entire process. The immigration system is often a hurry up and wait type of system, meaning that your case may require a quick response for some things as well as a significant amount of waiting for results and decisions. Often the best you can do is provide your immigration attorney with the information they need as quickly as possible, while preparing yourself for long periods of waiting.

Paying for Your Immigration Attorney

We understand that paying for an immigration attorney is often not part of your family’s budget. As a result, we do our best to help you pay for our services. We work closely with our clients to create accurate estimates for the cost of our representation and accept a variety of payment methods. Don’t let concerns about cost stop you from considering all of your options and getting the legal representation you need.

Call the immigration attorneys at Youngblood & Associates today and speak with one of our creative and talented immigration attorneys.